Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's New With Spencer

We got back from our trip to Pagosa Springs on Tuesday. While we were gone, our friend who was critter-sitting for us, did nothing more with Spencer than feed him and offer him a carrot at the gate to his field from our back yard.

Since then, I've taken him into my small arena with me to start playing the Parelli Seven Games with him, (2 times) which is simply the foundation for a horse new to Natural Horsemanship.

He is doing so well, that today, I took him out into the yard to let him graze on-line. He really seemed to enjoy that. My being so close to him didn't seem to bother him at all.

Now when I go into his field, he runs from the opposite end (where there are other horses just across the road) down to see what I have for him.

When he leaves his paddock, he no longer just walks past me as if am of no importance to him as he's done in the past. He will actually stop and check-in with me to make sure I have nothing to offer before he walks away.

He still doesn't care to be brushed, but I think he is finally becoming interested in humans. So as his reward, you might notice something is missing from his face.

I was finally able to get that halter off today! And I'm not worried about how difficult it might be to get it back on.

I had some trouble getting if off before, because he'd try to bite my arm when I would reach up to untie the knot. And because it barely fits his head, the knot was at the very end of the head piece, making untying it difficult.

So he was patient with me today, to a point, and since I couldn't untie the knot out, he let me slip the halter off over his ears. That was nice because he hates his ears to be touched.
We have a long ways to go, but I'm getting a really good feeling that he's coming around, his testosterone is starting to settle out of his system and he appears to be gaining a little weight.

I kissed him on the forehead today. He seemed to like it, kind of. :0)


fjordwoman said...

Great job with Spencer. he's a lucky boy having someone as dedicated and loving as you.
Keep up the awesome work and the updates. God knows, we could use as many happy stories as possible these days.
His facial expressions and body language are are becoming softer, more open. You are definitely on to something!
Marie from LI

cilla said...

yay! go pat and go spencer. i just knew things would be different when you got back.
you too must have been sprinkled with that magic savvy dust at pagosa, like i was here in the uk!
spencer is looking even more handsome than before too!
welcome back. i have missed your posts!

megan colleen said...

yay spencer!!! i'm happy to hear that he's slowly coming around.:)

bhm said...

Is that a draft or a cob that you are riding? Love it.

All I can say is amazing! He is coming around very quickly considering his experiences. What type of games are you playing with Spencer? I think, once he relaxes a bit more, he’ll really get into grooming and cuddles.

KC Campbell said...

I cannot believe this is the same horse that was not able to be caught by so-called professionals!! Good job with him! Amazing what a little time and effort will do...

RainbowMom said...

He is so beautiful! I think I can almost smell him. I'd love to give him a huge hug for some reason but from the sounds of it.. he wouldn't like it to much so I'll send him a virtual hug instead. :D

Great blog.. I found you from Heart of a Cowgirl and I'm so delighted to find all these wonderful blogs about horses!


cilla said...


lizzie was sold to me as a cob. but you can tell just by looking at her that she is part shire. she is so shire like only smaller...just lol!

Erika said...

Congratulations on your progress! Spencer is lucky to have found you... I'm so happy to hear that he is starting to give this a chance. I have a little pony that I took in after a lifetime of abuse. He acted very much like you are describing with spencer (of course a little shetland is not QUITE as scary as big spencer). Al I have done with him in the past 6 months is treat him fairly. Appropriate corrections for his bad behavior. Appropriate rewards the rest of the time. He is a new horse. I know you will get there with Spencer too.