Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Closer

Hey there! Spencer has been getting more trusting of me. It's been so fun playing with him. He seems to love the relationship we're building. He likes the play and the work and I feel like he just so wants to please.

So weird, how natural he is with the things I ask of him, considering no one offered him this type of opportunity that I know of. We were doing so well that I wanted to add this post about our progress, but there was no one around to take pictures. A post without pictures is kind of boring! So here are my attempts at getting a picture of the two of us together. Even funnier I think than a good shot taken by someone else!

What a camera hog!
He can still be a poop, but he's becoming less of a poop everyday. I had him jumping barrels, and he tripped up a couple times. I still haven't gotten to his hooves, but I'm getting closer. I can't imagine how he could move if he had good hooves under him. Well, soon we'll see!:-) I can brush him all over now, which was very scary for him at first. The brush was an object that he acted as if he had either never seen before or someone had beaten him with a horse brush!
He was so afraid at first! Or he'd become defensive and scare me!
But I picked out a very soft brush and once he's realized I'm not going to hurt him with it, he allows me to brush him all over his body. Just not when he's eating. I still can't get close to him during his meals, but that's coming. No rush.
I've just started sacking him out with a plastic bag. We'll be taking that very slowly considering it has caused him to leap in the air like a cat when I set it on the ground in front of him. He's a very large cat and I don't like being in the same zip code with him when he decides to pounce back down on the ground. Here's a video that I took today after playing at liberty. My little arena is too small for a horse his size. Soon I'll have my round pen put together and we'll be able to make more progress. Hey! Don't laugh at my silly voice!


Anonymous said...

awww he's such a cuuuutie!! Its great to see your progress :)

fssunnysd said...

So good to see something new from you guys! I love the pictures - I was fooling around the other day with ours trying to catch a "self-portrait with horse." They have Arab heads and I had a heck of a time getting two faces in the picture. I'd say you did a fantastic job, considering the size of Spencer's!

Amazing how forgiving horses are, isn't it? It's great just to see how comfortable he's gotten with having you close by.

I don't know if this would work for you at all - especially if Spencer has had bad experiences with whips, but I've used a plastic bag taped or tied onto the end of a dressage length whip when I'm starting to do groundwork with the young ones. I leave them loose, and just get as close as they're comfortable with, and then drag it on the ground while backing away. They get to "chase" it, which seem to help with initial fear issues....

Also helps with the staying out of range thing!

Pat said...

I love going to the blogs of those who post comments here. So many GREAT Blogs about horses.

Yes, thank you for the tip on the plastic bag. I love offers of help and suggestions.

I put the bag on the end of a long thin, lightwieight fishing rod actually. Like Pat Parelli uses to move horses around from a distance. And yes! Moving things they fear away from them really gets them curious. I love that they can't really help themselves and have to check things out that are scary. That is a great tip!

fssunnysd said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm enjoying yours, too - loved the video. You can almost see the ground shake. I can't imagine tackling a Spencer-sized project. But they're all unique, and whatever the size, they're amazing, aren't they?

Never thought of the fishing rod - I only catch Parelli occasionally on RFD, but I'll have to give it a try it next time. Thanks!

cilla said...

aww pat! spencer is a lovely mover like my lizzie. i saw he didnt bat an eyelid at the dog barking. hes a keeper for sure.
i cannot praise you enough for all your wonderful progress!
i bet you are itching to get at those feet lol!!!

Funder said...

Oh wow, he's really got wonderful feet under all that extra wall. He lands perfectly flat!

I'm so glad things are coming together for yall :)

Evergrey said...

Awwwh! I love the video! :D
He's so cute! And feeling good enough to jump even! :D

KD said...

Look at him coming to you when you asked him to! Great work!

Amy Ellen said...

Cute, love the nose at the end of the video!!!!

Cora said...

Pat, I'm so proud of you and Spencer both! Better get hubby Rich started on clearing a space for an arena, 'cause you and Spence are gonna need a lot of room to move. He's a big guy!

And thank you for helping me with Jerry today - you rock!!

hope4more said...

HA HA Spencer is so cute for being so big :) He seems to really be coming around to you, I am so glad. You are doing a great job, way to go. I just want to kiss him right on the nose.

Heidi the Hick said...

he really is a lovely horse. (and I'm not laughing at your silly voice because I get silly when I talk to my horses too!)

You wouldn't believe how many photos I have of horse muzzles.

Well, yeah, you would!

Anonymous said...

I love reading Spencer's updates!
You're doing such an awesome job with him!

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there now!
BigBadBoy was the cutest voice comment your video.. Spencer clearly is enjoying his safety with you now, looking very comfortable!The nose at the end
-CLASSIC-...good timing!

P.S. please be the first to "FOLLOW" my BLOG...I have ZIP-0- -readers that have signed up to be noted...would you?

raystreeservice said...

i can not keep from stooping to you alls level. i must say one is a camera hog and one is a hog . the one with the hat should not be in pictures. the flying monkeys have been released. " inside joke "

Pat said...


Your accomplishments in life are so insignificant that you'd prefer to belittle others for theirs? Go for it, if that's what it takes for you to feel better about yourself.

I feel sorry for "you alls."


Pat said...
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fjordwoman said...

Pat, please don't give an ounce of your time to the mean folks. You are a wonderful soul. Keep on keepin' on, girl. BTW, I love your glasses. Those frames are so cool!{Says the girl on the hunt for some new spectacles herself!}