Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some people are just plain mean.

I want to again, thank everyone of you who have been sending such kind and supportive comments about Spencer and his progress.

You make my whole year! You are all so awesome and it's been really fun going to your blogs and reading about your own wonderful accomplishements with your horses. There are so many very cool horse people in the world!!

Then today, I get this. I can't imagine someone would be dumb enough to post such an insulting comment and use a company name.

raystreeservice has left a new comment on your post "Getting Closer":

i can not keep from stooping to you alls level. i must say one is a camera hog and one is a hog . the one with the hat should not be in pictures. the flying monkeys have been released. " inside joke "

Well, I turned 53 a few days ago... I sure didn't need to hear that. But I'm sure this grammar-school reject is a super-model with loads of room to talk. And I know there are so many really cool people out there that outnumber jerks like this.

Anyway, for everyone else:

Yesterday, Spencer was finally turned out with all the other horses, mares included and he's doing great!

There was some posturing at first, but he's getting along really well. And since he's much easier to catch these days I'm not concerned about him being out with the others.

I'll up load some pictures (sans my face) as soon as I take them off the camera for those who are interested.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Seriously, don't give the negative comment any air time. Just ignore them and delete them. Its not worth your time. Glad to hear Spencer is making progress.


fssunnysd said...

Sounds as if Ray's monkeys were doing his typing for him :)

Congrats on getting Spencer turned out with the herd. Must be a wonderful feeling to look out and see them all together. Kudos to you!

Amy Jo said...

there are alot of stupid useless people who own horses, animals, have children. there are a lot of people who have animals who are not able or willing to competently deal with them. they have no patience, they are quick to anger, they feel "spare the rod spoil the child" applies to everything. the fact that you took a horse from a situation where the owners obviously were not competent, for WHATEVER reason, and you are competent and able to HELP him is a total BLESSING. A miracle. thank god for you. some yahoo would just put him down? bc they cant accomplish what you can. how many animals are destroyed bc of BAD owners? you saved this animal from BAD owners and a BAD life. you will go to heaven, and they will all go to HELL.

Evergrey said...

Some people really seem to live to be nasty little sociopaths on the internet. They must have pretty sad little lives. Of course I'm sure they will say "u dont bother me haha im laughin ovr here" or something. But they tend to be pretty pathetic, really.

So glad to hear that Spencer is doing well! Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your well wishes on Klein's "Minor Surgery." I posted an update today! Oh, and you better go check my blog 'cause yours got an award! You'll see it on the main page :)
You're doing such a great job with Spencer. You're both lucky to have found each other.
Wait, who is Ray's Tree Service? Exactly, no one knows and no one cares :)

ChestnutJumper784 said...

I'm a fellow fugly reader- I remember reading her post on Spencer and found your blog through google reader. I LOVE what you are doing here. It is so refreshing to see animals get a second (or third and fourth) chance at life. Spencer is very cute, he is so lucky to have found you! Glad he is doing well!

Pat said...

Thank you Chestnut Jumper! Much appreciated! Especially coming from someone in the vet science community.

I love your avatar! I wish I had one like that of a horse hoof in an eggbar shoe and pads. Kind of the same deal.

Thanks to you all for all your support.

Nancy (aka Tony's person) said...

I've a weakness for drafts, and what you are doing with Spencer just thrills me to the core! I'd say ignore the bad comments, but I know that can be difficult. Maybe focus more on the positive ones, and most importantly, on the knowledge of what a fantastic job you've made of re-habbing this horse!

cilla said...

oh pat, dont listen to that numbnuts!
and dont stay out of the photos either!

CyborgSuzy said...

Don't feed the trolls, and don't take their rants to heart.

I, for one, would love any update photos you have.

Keep it up, please. :)

Mustang Heritage said...

what a jerk. just delete the jerks comments. Some times people are just useless.
Your doing a wonderful job with him, given his issues and his feet! don't give up and ignore the useless morons on the net :-)

Your doing a wonderful job!

allhorsestuff said...

Hay HI again!
Yeppers..never-you-mind those "Others" with non support in any direction..delete is a beautiful botton to push!
Lovely, all the work you are doing..and keep it up and never loose heart. I also need that talk...having issues with the mare that have me confounded again!

Pat said...

Thanks guys, so much...and yes, I realize I should have just deleted that comment, but sometimes I like to parade their petty small-mindedness out in front of everyone as a way of hopefully humiliating them at little bit. (Makes me feel better anyway:0).

An ironic twist is that the company where my husband works, as a manager, contracts with a local company by the same name, Ray’s Tree Service, for site work where they need tree removal. He knows the owner pretty well, Gary Ray. His company is based not too far from the farm where Spencer was abandoned for two years in a field and left to fend for himself because no one could catch him.

Coincidence? Well, it could be. I hope so anyway.

Minou14 said...

You have a lovely face and shouldn't edit it out on account of one idiot. I loved seeing the two of you canoodling together since it's obvious he's come so far since you first brought him home. You're doing a wonderful thing and making great progress with a horse not many people would take on. I wish you updated more often because I love seeing how he's doing and reading your commentary on his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Obviously "ray" hasn't been following Spencer's progress, and probably just stumbled across this page because he had nothing better to do. Ignore his ridiculous comment! You're both beautiful!! Great job with Spencer, he's gorgeous!!