Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spencer Today

What a stud! But not for long! Next Tuesday morning at 8:30 am Spencer has a date with Sara Perkins, DVM.
Spencer's handsome self.
His scrapes, bite and kick marks from his battle with Mel's stallion are healing up.

His hooves have a long ways to go.
"Oh Oh Oh, a mare in heat! If I could just get closer."
Tuesday can't come fast enough!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hauling 2000 Pounds of Horse

A few of my friends helped me pick Spencer up on Saturday. I was told that he'd only been in a horse trailer a couple times in his life.

Mel spent a few hours trying to catch Spencer in his paddock when she picked him up. She's a determined gal. She brought him to her in-laws house and put him in with her stallion and his 2 pregnant mares. A brutal fight ensued and she told me Spencer was humbled by the experience. He was also pretty beat up, but she put him in another field by himself. And his abscessed hooves continued to get worse.

Spencer appears to be about 6 or 7 years old. He sure behaves as if he can be dangerous and unpredictable when he isn't haltered.

Spencer loaded into the trailer fairly calmly in about 5 minutes. It took about 10 minutes to get him out of the trailer as he wasn't sure about stepping back and down. We simply attached two long ropes to both sides of his halter and got behind him and asked him to step back. That way we could control his head and keep him from attempting to turn around in the trailer, which he was thinking about doing, and would have been disasterous.

He sure is a pretty boy.

He's currently residing in the new HRC paddock that Rich (hubby) recently put the finishing touches on. He can see the horses in the field behind his fence. He gets very excited, like stallions do, to actually get close to another horse. So I put the 2 mini donkeys, Annie and Boomer, in panel corral next to him and they pretty much ignored him, but he appreciated the non-threatening company. Later I added Harley the mini horse and his wife, Trudy the mini mule.

Trudy didn't take any crap off Spencer who was posturing and trying to show her husband what was what. Trudy would put herself between Harley and Spencer and kick up at the big guy to let him know her man was under the protection of a LRMWAA (Little red mule with an attitude.)

About Spencer

Spencer came to live with us this weekend. I'm not sure exactly what his breeding is.

Here are pictures of his worst foot. All hooves are in bad shape. Flared, chiped and loaded with abscesses.

Spencer's hooves obviously haven't been tended to in a very long time and he's not had much or any hoof handling, or if he has, I pity the poor farrier who worked on him.