Monday, July 28, 2008

About Spencer

Spencer came to live with us this weekend. I'm not sure exactly what his breeding is.

Here are pictures of his worst foot. All hooves are in bad shape. Flared, chiped and loaded with abscesses.

Spencer's hooves obviously haven't been tended to in a very long time and he's not had much or any hoof handling, or if he has, I pity the poor farrier who worked on him.


Linda Morgan said...

He is beautiful. His feet make me feel ill. I'm glad you rescued him. Too bad he has to be castrated. He could have some nice babies. His breeding fees might help rescue other horses.

Pat said...

That's true. But the life of a domestic stallion, isn't a fun life. I can do more with him as a gelding. I've got a cart and harness. Maybe he can put them to good use.

Mikey said...

Holy Hell!! Wow...
You've got your work SO cut out for you.
Hey, this rang some bells, looking at this last pic. Does this horse have a canker, cause it looks a lot like this post on Fran Jurga's blog

Just wondering, it looks kinda "fungal" down there. What did the vet think of it?

Like I said, I can't wait to see how this all turns out for Spencer. He's such a pretty horse.

Fran Jurga said...

Wow, you have work to do! But it is a great idea to get good photos now, so you can watch his feet improve. It looks like he is prone to maybe some sort of fungal wall rot but at least it is on the outside where you can see it. Hopefully it is not inside the wall as well.

It's great that he's not overweight. That helps his feet. Do you want me to post the photos? You can email me at

Good luck!