Friday, October 30, 2009

Reply to Sandy

Hi Sandy,

My email reply to you was being blocked and bounced back so responding here!:0)

Thank you so much for being a fan of Spencer's!

He's doing fine. I'm just focusing on his weight, he is NOT an easy keeper. He eats so much it's astonishing to me. While most the other horses are waddling around the pasture, I sometimes see his ribs if he moves just right. Ugh.

He's sound, although I don't know why. His feet need to be trimmed, although it's pretty amazing how well he maintains them on his own.

On my main blog, Hoofrecovery, I added a post about him conking me in the top of the head with his hind hoof while I was clipping the hair around his coronet band so I could get a better look at his overall hoof.

He didn't like the clippers, but he was standing for them okay. He showed is disapproval by bringing his hind hoof up to knock them away, but dummy me, my head was in his line of fire.

I still have a dent in the top of my head that's permanent!

I haven't worked on him since, mostly because I just haven't had time to get back out to work on him but I have him on my calendar.

He's really a good boy, he was just so ignored and abused for most of his young life, it's like working with a 2000 lb yearling.

That can be pretty dangerous!

A friend is going to start coming on Sundays to help me work with him using the clicker training method. I've done that with him and that's how I got him cooperative with one front leg, but she's had years of training practice using the clicker so I'm hoping she'll give me some new ideas.

Thank you again for asking about