Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lost My Best Friend.

Well, Spence lost his buddy Forrest.

They had been getting along really well, even when I had them in the small paddock together. But a few days ago when they were in the play field, just the two of them, (always close-by each other) they got into a heated argument and Spencer won.

I was sitting here at my computer and I heard Spencer bellow... kind of like a pissed-off bull-elephant.

I blasted out of my chair to the back door to see them both across the field looking like two over-grown teen-age boys who'd just done something bad.

Then Forrest took a few lame steps. Spencer had kicked him in the flank and the stifle (not a good place to get kicked...by a pissed-off bull-elephant.

So Spencer went into time-out in the paddock and Forrest went back to the field across the street with his girls. He has 3 mares in with him now. Classy, Cricket, and Pearl.

(I hate to keep horses in solitary confinement.)

That goofy horse! He's been alone in his pasture since then, but he can see Forrest from across the street.

I realize, Spencer was simply asserting himself, but I don't know why there was a sudden need to do that after a week together. And Forrest seemed to be the one taking charge in a non-combative fashion.

We are leaving for Pagosa Spring, Colorado, for the Annual Parelli Savvy Conference tomorrow. A good friend will be staying here while we're gone. So he will be keeping a close eye on things.

When we return from our trip, I'm going to begin playing with Spencer in a way that he's never experienced and I hope to start getting through to him. He's healed up from his surgery and seems to mellowing (a little bit) so we'll see how it goes. Life for him is going to change.

Rich and I seem to be the only ones who can enter his pasture and he'll behave himself. But even if someone he doesn't know is near his gate, he gets a bit stinkery. I can see how easy it would be to turn a horse with his history into a one-person horse after what he's been through with other humans. Including being ignored for a couple years. With only an occasional new weirdo-human entering his field to chase him around for hours (and in one case - days).

But at some point, I've got to get to those feet!


cilla said...

oh dear, bad spencer!
takes a while for the testosterone to wear off.....could be six months or so yet.
in the meantime, enjoy the conference.
spencer doesnt know whats coming when you get back. hooray!
savvy on!

love cilla xxx

Latigo Liz said...

You have an award! :)

bhm said...

Oh Pat, your title gave me a heart attack! I thought at first Spencer had died and then I thought Forrest had died (cute picture by the way). I’m relieved that everyone is OK. You’ve made significant progress by touching him and feeding him by hand. This is really good to hear. I think you are correct about not approaching him straight on but turned to the side.

Bad Spencer kicking poor Forrest! Unfortunately I think that he’s lacking three years of basic training and manners that he would have learned if he was in a herd and handle regularly. Is there a herd of grumpy mares that you could put him in with? I’m thinking that they would teach him to be polite with his hooves.

Well, enjoy your workshop and your new award.

Pat said...

Oops! I didn't mean to mislead you! I should have thought that title thru more carefully.

Thank you Liz! For the award. I'm not sure how that works yet, but I'll try to figure it out. Much appreciated.

And I appreciate you both for stopping by and commenting!:0)

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Re: getting to the feet.

You know, you can top dress grain with Ace! You can. It's perfectly safe. Just ask your vet. I'd highly recommend putting Mr. Spencer into happy land for a bit so that you can work with his feet. Ace has no ill effects from regular use that I know of - I've seen horses play polo on it for years 3x a week (not my horses! but I've seen it done).

Pat said...

Not a bad idea! Thanks! I hadn't even thought of that. Lots of farriers use Ace for difficult horses that they don't have time to train p;ior to working on their feet. I've never used Ace, but I have a vet friend that might be able to hook me up!