Monday, August 4, 2008

What a Stud!

Spencer's surgery is set for tomorrow morning. He will no longer be this amazing stallion, but he will be an amazing gelding who can soon be socializing with other horses as part of a herd.

Domestic stallions are typically the most majestic, muscled, athletes in the entire horse community, yet they are the horses typically confined to the smallest enclosures, alone most of their lives.

They are meant to protect entire herds in the wild and welcome their offspring into the world; yet domestic stallions usually never see even one of their foals.

I would love to play with Spencer, but I don’t want to be continually reprimanding him for what we would term “aggressive behaviors” when actually his conduct is normal for most stallions. Especially a horse of his stature.

So I haven’t spent much time with him actually “doing” anything except feeding him and brushing him and showing him that at some point he and I are going to be good friends and I shouldn’t have to worry about bites or kicks or any other hostile actions.

He did bite Rich in the chest when Rich was giving him scratches out in the field at liberty. It was a matter of the human, not reading the signals the horse was giving. But now I know what he's capable of and I'm not the one inflicted with the injury. Sorry Hon. But....gulp, I know how much that hurt

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dp said...

Wow! Kudos for the rescue, and thank goodness that he's now gelded. What a handsome devil!