Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Friends.

Spencer is happier than a pig in pooh right now with his new little buddy. Spence is the one in charge. But he's very careful with Danny. He'll move Danny off a pile of hay, but he's is very gentle about it and Danny doesn't argue. It's very sweet. I just love watching them.

Here they are dining together. To get an idea of Spencer's size, Danny is 15.2. No small fry himself. Spencer's sheath is starting to heal real well. So he's feeling better about everything.

How cute is this?

I actually let these two sniff muzzles and other parts and get to know each other through a tall fence for a couple weeks before putting them in together. So they knew each other before this happened.

I just wanted to explain that I knew Danny wasn't a threat to Spencer before I put them in together. And I knew that Spencer was very curious about Danny. I play it as safely as possible when tossing horses into a pasture with other horses.

What I wasn't sure of is just how Spencer would react with another horse actually inside his enclosure. It was a bit risky using my best horse for this, but I know how easy going Danny is and I figured if anything went wrong, I'd be at the gate holding it open for him and ready to slam it on Spencer. After just a few minutes though, I knew this was going to work out well.

My plan is to go through the same routine, one by one, until each gelding has been in with him until I feel confident that he can be part of the herd. I'm also introducing Neenah to the herd one at a time, so I've been doing some serious pasture juggling lately.

The problem I may encounter is that Spencer will treat Danny as a stallion would treat a mare and he'll challenge any other horse who gets near him. So this could be tricky. But we'll get it figured out.

Here, I think he's saying, "Thanks. This really means a lot."

Good boy Spencer.


Kim said...

Nice job Pat! I think Spencer is very happy with his roommate.

LindaB said...

Whoo Hoo Spencer!! No more lonely days for you. I could just cry!