Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comments about Spencer

Say, guys. thank you so much for the kind words and kudos about what we are trying to do for Spencer.

I'm sure his previous owners did everything they knew to do for him. Apparently he was a rescue case when they took him in as an 18th month old. If they hadn't of done that, he could have gone to auction and then to slaughter due to his behavior issues and his size.

At his last home, he wore a halter in his field normally which apparently made catching and handling him not all that difficult. He was fed well and he received regular hoof care and was fairly cooperative with his feet. That's good news for me!

But then he got the halter off at about the same time he fully matured nearly 2 years ago and he'd been a loose, untouched stallion every since. His owners could not catch him. Farriers could not catch him. Well known trainers were hired, who guaranteed they could catch any horse. But he proved them wrong.

It took a woman on a hot day and a horribly abscessed hoof. If not for her, he would not be here. She caught him just before he was schedule to be euthanized I was told.

He needs his hooves rehabbed and that's where I came in. But the only way I could do anything for him was to geld him first.

I just don't want him hurt anymore than he has been in his life. (Although he better watch out for Trudy, the mini-mule. The parts of him she can reach with her hind feet, she could create a small bruise;0) AND SHE MEANS IT!

One more note. When we first got him home here, I turned him loose in the small field and we could not catch him. Five of us spent about 10 minutes trying. When I realized he wasn't going to let us near him and we knew food was not going to entice him, I lured him into a small paddock with another horse.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't catch a horse, don't hire a trainer who can catch anything, guaranteed. Think outside the square pasture and try using a round pen.

Again, I appreciate your views and your kind words of support.



Anonymous said...

I'm one of the many who found you from the Fugly Horse blog by way of Pet Connection. My interest is dog/cat rescue and I've never had a horse (allergic), but I'm so looking forward to following Spencer's story. He's a beauty and you're a gamer for being so "troll tolerant". That person could use some anger management counseling for sure. Sad.
Best of luck to you, Spencer and your whole crew!

LindaB said...

I guess it's true that into everyones life a little troll must fall. I don't know that I would be as tolerant as you Pat.

One Red Horse said...

Spencer's story was a great end to my day. I'm loving your blog and your hoof rehab work. Looking forward to following Spencer's story and watching his feet return to health.


Twinville said...

I just stumbled in from Fugly Horse blog because Spencer is just gorgeous and his story touched me.

I look forward to coming back soon to read more about him and the amazing transformations you are helping to occur in him.


Roaniepony said...

I know a big boy like Spencer, who successfully resides with a herd of "normal" size horses. Only thing to worry about is him breaking fence with his big massive hoofs when he wants attention.

As for the troll visit you had yesterday all it takes is for people to stop feeding it. It'll soon get bored if its name is not mentioned and leave to find someone else to bug.

Jo said...

I cannot believe the transformation in Spencer's feet - well done Pat!

And for the not so friendly neighbourhood troll - I have only one vagina, am in a fantastic relationship, and do not let my much loved three pets rule my life. Oh and I can spell.

bhm said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I now understand that his previous owners did not train him but were over their head when it came to handling him. It is important to note that they tried everything they could and, when that didn’t work, tried to find him a home with someone who could work with him rather than sending him to auction. Now I understand why he was so hard to catch.

My apologies for feeding the troll but I felt, at the time, that it was necessary to draw a line regarding acceptable behavior. When trolls start to gang up with other trolls then it becomes very unpleasant for the person being attacked. Our little friend is hurt because everyone at fugly isn’t praising her and she gets angry when we find someone we like. Sorry for bring a troll with us but you handled it in dignity.

Feeding him treats is great way to a horse’s heart. Soon our little Belgian friend will realize that you are not the same person who hit him over the head and start taking treats out of your hand. Once the testosterone is out his system he will most likely stop biting or stop with a little bit of training. I’m looking forward to following Spencer’s story.

Pat said...

Thanks BHM. I did appreciate you all coming to my defense against the troll. I'm surprised she's not commenting on this post, but I'm ready to try blocking her.

As I mentioned in my last post (a recent edit) we can keep our mouth shut and let people think were an idiot, or open it and prove that we are. She continues to prove it. Very sad. And thanks again. I'm so happy so many approve.

I am in a battle right now with the previous owner and a fried of thiers who intend to go after the Fugly site owner, but she doesn't seem to be shaking in her boots. I didn't think she would be though.

As for Spencers previous life, I feel some mistakes were made, and I have my opinions, I just won't publish them. I'll probably make a few mistakes of my own with him. We all do:0)

hope4more said...

Another FHOTD reader here.....

I just want to say what you are doing for Spencer is great. After today's post I understand what went on in his previous life and how he came to some of his issues. We all have opinions but I guess in the world we live in everyone's answer is to sue sue sue and sue somemore. What a waste. According to most people these days making someone take responsibility for their actions is apparently slander. That goes for all things not just horses.

I am very sorry to see that someone lashed out very bizarrely and violently at you. I had to go back and read the last post and it's comments to figure out what was going on.....good grief! I had to laugh out loud a little at the sheer psychotic rant that she went on, it was like a drug induced episode of sorts! You handled it today with much dignity and sane explaination of what had previously happened in this gentle giant's life. Keep up the good work!!!!! Three cheers to Pat!

bhm said...

The original owners are free to go to the fugly site and state their case. The people at fugly will understand what the situation is as occasionally people show up to explain what happened. As far as trying to suing fugly they don’t have a hope at that succeeding. Let’s hope for an amicable solution.

Owned by horses said...

Pat, I really enjoy Spencer's blog. Loved the dialog between Danny and him. "Put that away, man...." LOL.

I, too, read the Fugly blog. There are good people there, concerned about horses.

There are too many good horses like Spencer who don't find a happy ending as he has. it is so good to see that he has friends and a shot at a normal, productive horse life.

Happy trails.

kiwigal said...

Well written Pat, my thoughts are with you from all the way down here in New Zealand. FHOTD has certainly made you world famous! And good on you for all you have done.

Looking forward to seeing his hooves overhaul themselves under your guidance. As someone else has said he looks to have some mighty fine paces despite all the ouch!

Pat said...

Thank you so much everyone!

Spencer has no idea how many people care about him.

Your comments make my heart sing!

I'm elated!


Pat said...


I just read you comment on the previous post. Yes, I would love to contact you for any advice on Spencer. This is new territory for me. I own a half draft, Forrest who is just a big love, but Spencer is bigger and not so loving, yet. Please email me at my personal address or my webaddress,


fssunnysd said...

Good luck with your huge boy! I'm just catching up on his story, but it sounds as if you're making great strides with him - no pun intended :)

For an inspiring look at just what these huge horses from humble beginnings are capable of, you might enjoy the Eventing Percheron. Brego and Daun seem to be becoming a pair to be respected on the 3-day circuit.

I'm looking forward to reading more about Danny's progress!

bhm said...

For a great dressage, purebred Percheron go to
Cottonwood Flame has competed at Grand Prix levels and kicked the butts of numerous very expensive warmbloods. People often don’t realize the full blooded drafts can really jump.

Pat said...

Those sites are cool. I love watching draft horse at work.

I know some of you have maybe read what's going on over at the fugly site. I'm really kind of afraid for Spencer and my other horses now that "they" are so upset. The one person who is determined to drag me into the controversy over his previous care and who seems to enjoy keeping everyone riled up over this, is scaring me.

I'm afraid she might be just sideways enough to cause harm to him or any of my other horses. I hope I'm wrong. Boy, had I know my blog about his progress, (By the way, my plan was to start blogs on all my rescue horses, not just him, he just happened to be the first one cuz he is the newest.) would cause such craziness.

I love all your comments! Cherie's is especially nice. Thanks.

bhm said...

Have you considered a restraining order? It may knock some sense into her and make her think twice. I don’t know if this is necessary as I think what will happen is that this will die down and go away. Try to keep your spirits up as we are all concerned about you and are rooting for you.

Owned by horses said...

Pat, years ago I had a run in with a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. It was over horses, and he was a pice of work who was passing himself off as a trainer. Someone thinking of working with him asked my opinion, and I was truthful. I said I would put my horses to sleep before allowing him to touch them.

Of course, this got back to him and the harassment started. I STILL have the rambling, threatening messages he left on my answering machine...more than a decade later.

They were useful. I played them for his commanding officer. The harassment stopped. One of my horses ended up with a damaged leg, however, from someone striking her with a 2 x 4 - I had witnesses it was him, but no one would testify to it.

I moved my horses and I live out of state. However, I fully expect to pick up the paper and see his face as one of those law enforcement guys who go over the edge - kill their wife and kids or something horrible. That's why I kep the phone recordings - because WHEN he gets caught, I want him caught but good.

Keep everything you have been sent on this, from everyone. Make copies and deliver them to your local law enforcement agency as a record.

Sally said...

Pat, you are are brave and kindhearted individual. I recognized these traits immediately when I mentored with you several years ago. Spencer will fluorish under your care. It's the difficult ones who teach us so much.

Redsmom said...

Pat, keep up the good work with Spencer and don't let one detractor pull you down. You've been beyond patient and charitable toward the former owners and their "friend." Thanks for cleaning up a mess that no one else wanted to deal with. I know you'll do the right thing by Spencer whatever it turns out to be.

Pat said...

Thank you! Thank you all for your concern about me and the horses too. I'm getting so much support here and thru personal emails, I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you.


fssunnysd said...

bhm - thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check it out :)

cattypex said...

Hey Pat,

I'm kind of grateful for all the hoopla, because now I've found your blog and will learn some good hoofy stuff from it!!! :D

Good for you for taking on this king-size challenge. I'm sure you'll do just fine. You know your stuff.

Crystal's Human said...

Hi Pat! ::::waving::::

GREAT job with Spencer, you did a WONDERFUL THING!!! HUGE cudos, I wish there were more folks like you!