Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spencer and Danny

Finally, the day has arrived for Spencer to share a pasture with a friend. He didn't know what to think about it at first, but I think he is happy beyond comprehension.

I chose Danny because he's a very neutral horse. He’s my main riding horse and is recovering from an abscess and if Spencer hurts him, I’ll be very upset.

Spencer: Whose this? A mare?

Danny: I'm Danny, Missy's kid and nope, I'm a boy. Get a clue.

Spencer: She sure doesn't seem interested in me?

Danny: This grass is pretty good.

Spencer: Come to Papa you cute little thing.

Danny: Put that thing away Man! The mares are watching.

Pearl: Peaches! Come here! You gotta check this out!

Spencer: Okay, well... mates then. This is going to be awesome!


Virginia's Stupid Drivers said...

That was hysterically funny dialogue added between Spencer and Danny. Good laugh :)

KayƩ said...

Love, love, love the commentary! Spencer is a stud muffin and portrayed beautifully on this blog, on FHOTD the picture of him looked rather fugly. :P But his progress is amazing, and I wish you best of luck with him. :)


OH ! thank the world for all you perfect, save all the freaking ponies in the world, so called rescue groups. low life freaks out there. with nothing to do but trash everyone that doesn't pet there ponies everyday. from the sounds of it he would have been nothing more than a can of dog food to any one that didn't care. you don't think those folks ( A DOCTOR THAT TAKES CARE OF PEOPLE ) you are stabbing in the back didn't show any care by giving him to a home? not a can warehouse? you all are stupid. they probably realized he got to be to much stallion to fast for them and DID HIM A FAVOR BY GETTING SOMEONE FOR HIM. DO YOU ALL CONSIDER THAT? HELL NO !!!! YOU ALL ARE SO FUCKED IN THE HEAD AND CONSUMED BY HORSE DISEASE AND CAN ONLY TALK TRASH ABOUT ANY AND ALL TO MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER TO THE WORLD. YOU ARE ALL DRAMA QUEENS AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS SLANDER I HOPE YOU GET THE HORSE SHIT SUED OUT OF YOU WHEN THEY SEE THIS. I WILL HELP BRING IT TO THERE ATTENTION JUST TO WATCH YOU BICH SOME. THAT IS YOUR CALLING IN THE WORLD YOU LOSERS. god bless you for saving a poor little SPENSOR. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN A CAN OF DOG FOOD. SICKERLY YOURS B. " A PROFESSIONAL HORSE TRAINER " I HAVE SHOT HORSES SUCH AS THIS. COME AND GET ME PUNKS !!!

la mexicana said...

Project Drafthorse: free
Bale of hay: $17.99
Pictures with captions: Priceless

These were great - Just what I needed to get my morning off to a good start. Thank you for all you are doing for Spencer. We all know he was destined for the meat truck; it was just a matter of when.

Did y'all know that Professional horse trainers are crazy?


horse_trainer_c said...

Good for you that you're giving him a good life, Pat. I know you didn't say a bad word about the Dillers here so I don't want to hijack your blog, but a lot of people are and they are all playing off of misinformation fed by the blowhard at FHotD. If you care to read the response it's at the end of the article over there.