Monday, February 22, 2010

Been awhile.

Just playin'
Hi Spencer fans.

Just wanted to add a quick update since it's been awhile. Spencer is doing really well. Getting more and more respectful and gaining the weight. When I look back on picture of him last winter, he did get thin. He was getting all the hay he could eat, but he was moving around a lot more than probably he had in years being in with the other horses.

He is the BIG MAN ON CAMPUS. No one argues with Spencer except the newest little pony, Millie. She has a big fat crush on him.
He seems to enjoy playing agility games!  All dressed up in his winter coat!  I think this Summer, he'll be looking really nice.

Thanks for hanging in there, and I hope you check back soon.  If you check the linked blog, Rainier Hoof Recovery, you'll see why I haven't updating you on Spencer.



bhm said...

Great to see you and Spencer doing so well.

Anna said...

He is looking SO great! He's very handsome as well :)
You are doing an amazing job<3