Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fittin' In!

Just hanging with mah posse...

That's Pearl's mug. Seira Pearl is an 11 year old Polish Arab. She was rescued from an Arab breeder (gone broke) and not able to feed, or get water to it seemed, an entire herd of Arabs. She was 18 months old when I picked her up. Starved to bone and belly, and so scared out of her mind that if she heard herself fart, she'd be hanging from the barn rafters shaking like a leaf in the wind. I've tried to rehome her, but her scary past (and her propensity to choke) keeps her from fitting in anywhere else. So I've decided she will be our Pearl for the rest of her days.

Classy, a former founder case, is Spencer's new gal pal. And Harley, the mini appy likes to hang with the big guy too. Of course, Mini-mule Trudy makes sure no one messes with her man. Patch in the background on the left. He's a 12 year old retired reiner with arthritis in most his joints. And finally, Sweet Peach (my feed lot rescue) in the back.

With Minnie Mouse, and donkeys Boomer and Annie, that's my Equine Menagerie! Well, part of the group anyways:0) They all have stories of their own that I hope to share with you along with Spencer's journey.


allhorsestuff said...

How utterly diverse those horse and donkey and mini faces are together!! Love it...just love it!

SquirrelGurl said...

LOL, Spencer looks HUGE!

What a cute group!

LindaB said...

I miss them all!!! I'm so sorry I didn't make it out on Sunday. Can you forgive me???

Rachel said...

Just so happy to see them all together and Spencer looking so calm and happy!
Did you ever think this would happen (the day you first met him)?

Pat said...

Rachel, I did NOT think this day would come so soon. Not at all. Those horses he is standing with, some are over 15 hands! He's just a giant, he looks so out of place. I don't have him in with Forrest right now as they don't seem to be getting along. Both have mares and both are acting like stallions. But otherwise Spencer is getting along great with the others. He eats with Patch and they get along just fine. And Patch has a mare as well, Peaches. I often don't get why they get along well with one and not another.

Spencer did kick Classy, his current herdmate, hard in the flank and leg when she got too close to his hay. Weird huh. Males!

hope4more said...

I just love your group!!!! Those donkeys are darling :) Spencer looks HUGE next to all of them.

bhm said...

Poor, sweet little Arab. I’m very happy that you have her. Love your collection of equines. I have a soft spot for donkeys and their cute little faces and fuzzy ears.

Wow, Spencer is really doing well. You’re done a great training job that most trainers wouldn’t have attempted. Spencer is well on his way to discovering his inner cuddle-pony. I knew it was in there somewhere.

I can’t believe that some idiot sent you that horrible post. You look really cute in your photos with Spencer so I guess they are just jealous. Besides, there are many of us who know what a beautiful spirit you truly are.

bhm said...

In our earlier conversation you mentioned that your horse is part Shire. I think you right. From what I can see from your DP your horse looks like he has a Shire face.

The DP that I use is a purebred Shire call Arthur who is training at third level in dressage. I'm using this DP because he looks like my horse, Trooper. Also, I'm using the photo because I don't have any good picture of Trooper. The problem is that my husband only takes pictures of us when we are both covered in mud.

Trooper is a purebred Shire. He has a similar history to Spencer. Now he's a well manner handsome man who does trail and classical dressage.